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March 2017 Report

Created by Amy Porter


In the month of March Norman used our new curriculum materials and had a month- long exploration of clothes. 

In the sensory table, we had different textures of material for the kids to explore.  We had a satiny piece, a burlap type material, a soft furry piece, some regular cotton blend, and some netting.  We also washed clothes in the sensory table.

For our small muscle development, we did activities with buttons.  We sewed buttons on material; we sorted buttons by size, color, and number of holes.  We also made clothes for our dolls in the block center out of playdough.  While we talked about lines on clothes we practiced our scissor skills by cutting on different lines on paper. 

In art area, we painted with different fabrics to see if they left a different type of texture with paint. We used cookie cutters to paint designs on fabric.   We also traced our bodies and drew our clothes on them. 

In the block area, we added dolls for the kids to build homes for and to dress and undress. 

We had some special activities throughout the month.  We made ice cream from heavy whipping cream and sugar.  Yummy!  We also made butter since Ms. Amy has no idea of measurement planning and we had lots of extra heavy whipping cream.  Yummy, too!

We had a few children’s birthdays this month and parents made them special at school by coming in and doing a special activity with the kids and bringing fresh fruit to celebrate the kids.  At the end of the month a fairy from the medieval fair came and read a story about herself to the morning class, the kids loved it.

In the month of April, we are exploring “Balls”.CTSA

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