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February 28, 2018

Greetings Board Members, Family, & Friends!

We are excited to have completed another month filled with Love, Laughter and Learning!  We are winding down our study about buildings.  The children have explored different types and sizes of buildings.  They discovered what buildings are made of and that buildings come in different sizes and shapes.   They also discovered that buildings are used for many different things such as, laundromats, restaurants, doctor’s office, post office, clothing stores, and grocery stores.  

The children used different types of blocks to build buildings and houses.  We looked up where everyone lived and were able see their houses and streets.  They were so excited to see their houses on the smart board.  They also discovered what types of buildings were around our school and their neighborhoods.

  In the Art center the children used different types of art supplies to paint and make buildings.  We added different sizes of boxes, paper tubes and house/building plans in the block area for the children to build and design buildings. We also added tools and safety equipment they may need to use while building.   The dramatic center became a Home Depot store, Grocery store, Doctor’s office and a home.  Each week we featured a different type of building.  We added Wiki Sticks to the Math and Science for the children to use to make shapes and letters.  They found them very fascinating to work with.  We also added small blocks and different types of building manipulatives for the children to use to design and build with. 

Each day in our large group we had a question of the day.  One of the questions was, “How many windows and doors we had in our school and how many different shapes and colors we found in our building.  The children made a prediction and then we counted each one.  We made a graph and recorded their answers.  They made a comparison of their predictions and the actual numbers.  They were learning math and had fun too! 

The children made Valentine’s Day cards for their parents and for the resident at the nursing home.  They also brought valentine cards to share with their classmates.  We learned Valentine’s Day songs to sing for their parents and the residents at the nursing home.   We went to visit the Nursing home to sing for the residents and pass out their cards they had made.  The residents were so excited to see them and hear them sing and super excited to receive their cards they had made.  They invited us to come back again!  We returned back to school for lunch with our families and to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a party!    The children have learned so much from their study about buildings.  Who knows, we may have our next architect and designer in the making.  Well, we are looking for our next adventure at our school that is always filled with love, laughter and learning!  In our next journey will be exploring about recycling, reducing and reusing and celebrating Easter.  So until next time we hope you will fill your days with lots of love, laughter and learning!


Your friends at the Early Bird Head Start

Wava Anderson, Brittney Quick

Connie Cobb, Denise Murie

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