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December 19, 2017

Created by Wava Anderson


Greetings Board Members, Friends and Family!

We have completed another great year at CTSA Early Bird Head Start in the year 2017.  We have seen a lot of changes in our school, curriculum, children and families in the 2017 year!  Our school is in the process of getting some new playground equipment, a storm shelter and some new updates on our building.  Thank you to everyone responsible for making this happen!  We are truly grateful for your help.  Our children have grown physically, mentally, and academically!  Our classroom is filled with lots of love, laughter, and learning every day!  

We started the month of December with our clothing study and having fun with the Gingerbread kids.  The children read the story of the gingerbread man and they really got into the story!   They painted gingerbread people with brown paint and gingerbread spices. After they dried the children decorated their gingerbread people with ribbon, buttons, google eyes and rick-rack.   Each Gingerbread kid was so unique!  They each had their own personality!  The children baked their own gingerbread kid but before they could decorate them they escaped.  Miss Denise forgot and opened the oven even though the children reminded her not to peek!  They looked everywhere for those little gingerbread kids but they couldn’t be found.  The next day Miss Connie found them hiding in her oven trying to stay warm.  The children were so excited to see their little gingerbread kids they decorated them as fast as they could.  This is one of their favorite stories to act out.  They are still talking about their adventures with the Gingerbread kids! 

We set our dramatic center (Homeliving) into a laundromat.  We made a washer and dryer out of card board boxes, put out some clothes pins, clothes hangers, laundry baskets, a variety of clothes in different sizes and types of clothes.  The children separated the clothes in to light and dark, washed and dried the clothes.  We made graphs telling where our clothes were made, what colors they were, if they had words, numbers, designs or nothing on them. The children also did an experiment and predicted which type of soap would make the most bubbles, powder, bar, liquid.  We put the experiment in the sensory table for the children to experiment with after they made their predictions.  They discovered that the bar of lye soap made the most bubbles and the bubbles lasted the longest.  They asked to do this experiment again!

Along with studying about clothing we learned about Christmas.  The children made Christmas ornaments and cards for their families and also made Christmas decorations.  We decorated our room with their creations for our open house.  We had a great turn out for our open house and a whole lot of fun.  The children showed their families their art works and where their favorite place to play in the room.  They made reindeer food, wrote a letter to Santa and even called the Santa number and got to see and talk to Santa.  Mrs. Claus came to visit our school and brought the children some gifts. The children were so excited!  They sang her some Christmas songs and asked if she had seen Foggy our Elf at the North Pole.  (Someone touched him and he lost his magic).  She told them she would look for him and hopefully he’ll be back soon.   On our last day of school for the year 2017 we celebrated Christmas with a Christmas party!  We took a trip to the Linwood Village nursing home to sing for the residents.  The children made Christmas cards for the residents and passed them out after they sang.  The residents were so excited to see the kids.  We returned back to school and Santa came to visit. He read them a story and the children each sat on his lap and told Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Afterwards the children enjoyed eating lunch with their families.  We’ve had a very busy but merry time at the Early Bird Head Start filling our days with love, laughter and learning!  Until next year we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Your friends at the Early Bird Head Start

Miss Wava, Miss Brittney

Miss Connie, Miss Denise