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March 2017 Monthly Newletter

           Created by Wava Anderson


Hello again everyone!   We finished another month filled with lots of love, laughter and learning!  The children arrive at school every day ready to explore and learn!  We began our month off by celebrating our 100th Day of School.  We went to the Oklahoma Wondertorium Children’s Hands-on Museum.  The children explored the museum with excitement!  We studied about Earth Day, recycling, reducing, and reusing things we throw away.  The children recycled paper towel tubes to make rain sticks, used Walmart sacks to make kites, and found that they could make sculptures using recycled materials we found in our classroom. They painted with different types of materials that some people might throw away. The children were very creative! 

One of their favorite weeks we studied was Space and Robots.  They loved exploring space and pretending to be astronauts and flying in the spaceship.  They made many trips to Mars and the Moon.  They made a robot out of recycled boxes and learned about all the planets.  Each one chose their favorite planet.   Their highlight of the week was when Hazel, the iRobot, came to visit the classroom.   (Hazel is a robot vacuum cleaner).  They loved watching her move around the room and hearing her talk when she got stuck and needed to be relocated.  They are still asking when Hazel is coming back to visit.  I love hearing their excitement about learning and discovering new things every day.    Teaching young children is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can choose to do.  There is never a dull moment at Early Bird Head Start and I am glad when I have the privilege to be called a teacher.  We have some crazy mixed up days but the unconditional love and encouragement we receive from the children and our Early Bird families on a daily basis makes those days full of love, laughter and learning! 

We are ready to explore and discover all about the Rainforest, Zoo, Wild Animals Easter and Spring, Farm during the month of April.  We are ready to explore and learn so come and join the fun!  Until next time,  we hope your days are filled with lots of love, laughter and learning!

Your friends at CTSA Early Bird Head Start

Miss Wava, Miss Brittney, Miss Jane, Miss Denise